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I am so pleased that I added more ZIL to my portfolio two weeks ago. I had a feeling that it would slowly valuate. I purchased additional ZIL at less than a penny and it is now – as of this writing – above two cents.

ZIL is a long-term investment. By years end, I can see ZIL reaching anywhere between $0.10 to $0.30. Di I think ZIlliqa will replace Ethereum? No! Do I think Zilliqa will move beyond $5 or $10? No, I doubt it. But I do believe there is a place for Zilliqa in the crypto-universe and certainly within Blockchain technology.

Zilliqa is a solid project that I believe has a very bright future yet ahead.

New Developments – Zilliqa is now on Binance.us

Zilliqa is now listed on Binance.us. I recommend getting a Binance.us account. It does not cost you anything. The next step is to get your account verified. Once you are verified, you can add payment methods such as a debit or credit card or bank account (ACH) information.

Since Zilliqa is paired to USD, you can buy Zilliqa directly on the Binance.us platform via any of the payment methods mentioned above.

Upon signing up, you will go through a three-level account verification process and it should take you less than an hour to complete. You must complete all three levels of verification.

  • Level 1 Verification – You will enter in some basic information. Verification time: Immediate
  • Level 2 Verification – You will need a driver’s license, State ID card or Passport, and either a bank statement or utility bill. Verification time: Hours
  • Level 3 Verification – Complete a short questionnaire: Verification time: 1 day, maybe less
The Three Levels of Account Verification

It took me less than an hour to complete the entire process and get verified. I am not saying you will experience the same time frames.

Once fully verified you can proceed with setting up a payment method.

Select A Payment Method

Once you purchase your Zilliqa, I recommend that you transfer it off of the Binance.us platform into a wallet that supports Zilliqa such as Moonlet or the Atomic Wallet.

See a list of wallets that support Zilliqa here.


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