How To Buy Ethereum (ETH)

What Is Ethereum (ETH)?

Like Bitcoin, Ethereum is a cryptocurrency and Blockchain. Unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum is more of a utility than a store of value. What is that utility? Smart Contracts.

Ethereum is a secure decentralized platform that can be used to transact just about anything: rental agreements, mortgage agreements, auto loan purchases/leases, domain names, contracts and agreements, crowdfunding, and the list is endless.

Where To Buy Ethereum?


How To Buy Ethereum?

The process of buying Ethereum is exactly the same as buying Bitcoin. Rather than purchase Bitcoin from Coinbase, purchase Ethereum. (Please view The Bitcoin Buying Guide, if needed)

Once you have done that, you will have Ethereum in your Coinbase Ethereum wallet.

Step 1 – Log into your Coinbase account

Step 2 – Select “Buy” from the Buy/Sell Tab

Step 3 – Select the Ethereum Icon

Step 4 – Select your Payment Method

Step 5 – Enter the amount (in USD) of Ethereum you would like to purchase

Step 6 – Click on the “Buy Ethereum” button

Step 7 – Click “Confirm Buy”

When the transaction is completed, you will see Ethereum in your Coinbase Ethereum wallet. (Click on the “Accounts” tab to see all of your wallets)