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Besides the cryptocurrencies, I hold in my portfolio for the long-term, I am also engaged in programs that generate additional “coin” immediately and passively.

This article will outline what they are and why I chose them as a part of my cryptocurrency wealth-building strategy. I will also show you exactly to do the same if you chose to do so.

Note: No one persons circumstances are identical. Therefore, exercise due diligence and invest only what you can afford to lose.


My overall investment strategy involves …

  • Purchasing and Holding For The Long-Term Solid Cryptocurrencies as seen in my portfolio. I do not sell them. I buy more of them when the market goes into a dip. The idea is to accumulate more of these currencies. I consider my portfolio as low-risk-high-gain-potential for the long-term.

  • Bitcoin and Ethereum Cloud MiningMining is the process of extracting from the crypto space more Bitcoin and/or Ethereum. If one were to literally mine for gold, it requires exerting oneself (doing work) to dig it out of the ground. The more work one puts in, the more gold one can obtain. Also, there are expenses associated with mining for gold. Cloud mining eliminates the need for one to purchase equipment (computers) or pay high fees for the electricity to run and maintain them. The way clouding mining works is that you contribute to a mining company’s operating cost to mine Bitcoin or Ethereum and they reward you with Bitcoin or Ethereum. In this article, I will show you two Cloud Mining companies I am involved in.

  • Automated Bitcoin Trading – This is where you trade (buy and sell) Altcoins for Bitcoin. Many investors purchase particular Altcoins at a low price and then wait until the price goes up and sell them for profit. They take the profits and purchase Bitcoin. The problem with manually trading for Bitcoin is knowing when to sell. If you sell too early you might not realize the maximum profit. If you sell too late, you might not realize a maximum profit. Knowing when to sell for profit is a problem for most cryptocurrency investors, even seasoned veterans. However, with the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI), computers can do the trading for you. (Wall Street does this). Specialized computers – that never sleep – can monitor the cryptocurrency marketplace and they know when to enter a trade (buy) and when to get out of a trade (sell) in a microsecond of time. I am involved with a platform that allows me to pick the currencies that I want these computers (called BOTs) to automatically trade for me 24/7/365. My BOTs never trade at a loss. They always trade when it sees a profit. The end result is that any Altcoins I configure my BOTs with are traded for Bitcoin. So, I accumulate more Bitcoin. My BOTs work extremely well when the marketplace is up. Not so well when the market is down. What I like about the platform I am involved in is that none of my money resides on the platform, it stays in my Exchange accounts (Binance, Bittrex, etc). I will show you that platform below.

Building The Portfolio

Depending on your circumstances, start building up a portfolio. This might take some time. You do not have to purchase a full coin. Purchase fractions thereof. As time progresses, by more of that coin. The point here that I want to impress upon you is to have a portfolio. The following currencies are what I recommend you have in your portfolio, at a minimum. Any more is extra …

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Monero (XMR)
  • OmiseGo (OMG)
  • EOS (EOS)
  • ZCash (ZEC)
  • 0x (ZRX)
  • Decred (DCR)
  • Stellar (XLM)

Below I reveal the programs I hinted at above and how to get started in them.

Ethereum Mining & Staking

The Program: Proof of Weak Hands 3D (PoWH3D

Description: PoWH3D is an ERC-20 based contract Ethereum mining and staking program. Without going into any great detail about ERC-20, ERC-20 is a Smart Contract protocol that does things without the need for human intervention. For example, if a person wants to enter into a lease agreement to lease a car or an apartment, it can all be done without all of the paperwork and signatures and no middleman who has their hands out to get paid. It is done on the Ethereum Smart Contract network (Blockchain) where the code for those particular contracts are pre-written and execution is automatic and automated. The use cases for Ethereum Smart Contracts are big and getting bigger. PoWH3D IS BIG !!! I AM VERY HAPPY WITH THE RESULTS AND IT IS THE HOTTEST MONEY MAKER RIGHT NOW. THE EARNINGS ARE IMMEDIATE. YOUR MONEY IS NOT TIED UP AND CAN BE WITHDRAWN AT ANYTIME !!!

With reference to PoWH3D, it is an Ethereum Contract. It is very simple. You buy into the contract by buying P3D tokens and you make money four ways …

  1. Buying, holding and staking your P3D tokens
  2. Earning dividends from your P3D tokens in Ethereum (not some worthless currency)
  3. Exchanging your dividends to buy and accumulate more P3D tokens (optional)
  4. When others in the contract sell their tokens and you do not
  5. When someone buys P3D via your Master Node link (33% paid to you in ETH)
  6. When the price of Ethereum in the marketplace goes up

What Do I like About PoWH3D?

  • It is not a lending platform
  • It is an Ethereum Smart Contract (See The Code HERE)
  • There are two parties to the contract: You and the Smart Contract Code
  • No human entities handle the funds
  • My funds are not tied up for an x-amount of days
  • I can withdraw my earned dividends at any time
  • I can sell my PD3 tokens at any time
  • My funds are not stored in anyone’s bank account
  • My funds cannot be confiscated
  • Passive daily income
  • The best way I have found to accumulate Ethereum fast
  • If website crashes, the Smart Contact is running on the Ethereum Block Chain
  • Earnings roll in 24/7/365

Watch each tutorial below, in turn, to get started and setup.

What Is Proof of Weak Hands 3D (PoWH3D) – An Overview (No Action Required. Just Watch)

The PoWH3D Website

Tutorial 1 – Install The MetaMask Google Chrome Extension

The PoWH3D Website

Tutorial 2 – Sending Ethereum To MetaMask

The PoWH3D Website

Tutorial 3 – Buying P3D Tokens

The PoWH3D Website

Tutorial 4 – Checking Your Earnings & Reinvesting

The PoWH3D Website

Tutorial 5 – Withdrawing Your Earnings

The PoWH3D Website

Tutorial 6 – How To Sell Your Tokens

The PoWH3D Website

Tutorial 7 – How To Configure MetaMask To Display Your PD3 Count

The PoWH3D Website

Tutorial 8 – The PoWH3D Discord Group (Your Resource For Updates)

The PoWH3D Website

Tutorial 9 – The PoWH3D Charts and Earning Calculations

The PoWH3D Website

Does PoWH3D Work? Even In a Down Market?

The PoWH3D Website

A PoWH3D Informational – The PoWH3D Alternate Interface

The PoWH3D Website

Bitcoin Mining

The Program: Ice Rock Mining

Description: Bitcoin mining. In other words, you earn more Bitcoin by investing or having a stake in the Ice Rock Mining (IRM) operation that will mine Bitcoin. You become an ownership stakeholder in their operation when you invest in it.

The Ice Rock Mining token (IRM) is not for trading. It is a dividend yielding investment. Therefore, you do not want to sell your IRMs but buy as much as you can because the amount you have, is directly related to the amount of cash flow you receive at the end of each month.

The IRM token is an ERC-20 token that you hold. The IRM token is on the Ethereum Smart Contract Network. The IRM Smart Contract is in place to tell IRM who to give how much to. Payouts are at the end of the month.

In a nutshell, Ice Rock Mining shares the profits with their investors, namely, YOU and I.

At the end of each month, IRM takes the Bitcoin that they have mined and they convert it to Ethereum because they are going to put it on the Ethereum Smart Contract Network.

The IRM Smart Contract – which knows how many IRM tokens each investor has – will distribute 50% of the profits to the investors Ethereum wallets immediately. (When you sign up, you will be asked to provide an Ethereum “receive” wallet address so IRM can pay you).

The actual IRM Bitcoin mining operation s planned to begin in June 2018 and the first monthly payout to IRM investors should be at the end of July 2018.

What do I like About Ice Rock Mining?

  • It is not a lending platform
  • It is an Ethereum Smart Contract
  • Payments handled by the Smart Contract, not human entities
  • Bitcoin is mined and converted into Ethereum
  • Bitcoin is NOT a smart contract so the payout is by Ethereum Smart Contract
  • If Bitcoin was used as the form of payment, a human entity would be involved (Ethereum is better)
  • Payouts will be at the end of each month in Ethereum
  • My funds are not tied up for an x-amount of days
  • I can withdraw my earned dividends at any time
  • I can sell my IRM tokens at any time
  • My funds are not stored in anyone’s bank account
  • My funds cannot be confiscated
  • Passive monthly income
  • If website crashes, the Smart Contact is running on the Ethereum Block Chain

Watch each tutorial below, in turn, to get started and setup.

What Is Ice Rock Mining – An Overview (Just Watch. No Action)

The Ice Rock Mining Website

Tutorial 1 – Getting and Setting Up A My Ethernet Wallet (MEW)

The Ice Rock Mining Website

Tutorial 2 – Sending Ethereum To Your My Ethernet Wallet (MEW)

The Ice Rock Mining Website

Tutorial 3 – Linking Your My Ethernet Wallet To Your Ice Rock Mining Account

The Ice Rock Mining Website

Tutorial 4 – Buying Ice Rock Mining (IRM) Tokens

The Ice Rock Mining Website

Tutorial 5 – What Next?

Just wait until the ICO is over on May 25, 2018. You have IRM tokens now. Just hold them. The actual Ice Rock Mining operation begins the first week of July 2018.

The first payout from your investment is expected at the end of July 2018.

All payouts are at the end of each month thereafter.

You are paid in Ethereum and you will see that payment added to your selected Ethereum wallet at the end of each month beginning in July 2018. Payments go to the wallet you set up in the Ice Rock Mining Dashboard. (My Ethernet Wallet, Exodus, etc) – Tutorial 1.

Note: The following trading platform is a great one. The problem is that the entire cryptocurrency marketplace is down at present. This trading platform works well when the marketplace is up. Therefore, at this time, I DO NOT recommend buying into this platform until we see a definite and certain upward trend the overall market cap. I mention it because I got involved more than a month ago when the marketplace was up and was performing well. My BOTs are turned off at the moment and I will turn them back on when I see signs of upward movement in the marketplace.

Automated Bitcoin Trading

The Program: Crypto World Evolution (CWE)

Description: An Automated Bitcoin Trading System.

One of the biggest challenges in cryptocurrency investing is the agony of manually trading individual cryptocurrencies. Trading involves the processes of buying and selling.

Buying a currency is easy. You pick your coin and you buy it. (Usually when the price of it is low). It is the Selling part of trading that is tricky and challenging. You have to know the precise moment to sell for an optimal profit.

Some people actually do not sleep because they watch the cryptocurrency market 24/7/365 and they are pumped up and hyped up with caffeine. They watch the marketplace constantly because that optimal moment to seel at a profit could occur during ones sleeping or 9-5 regular-job-working hours.

But suppose you hire a robot (a BOT) to keep its finger on the pulse of the crypto marketplace and you allow it to make the microsecond decision to trade your selected currencies for a profit. Further, that BOT will not enter into a sell unless you make a profit!

Well, that is Crypto World Evolution in a nutshell.

You purchase a license to use their platform. They have four license plans. You pick the one you like and set up your BOTs.

What do I like About Crypto World Evolution?

  • It is not a lending platform
  • My money is not entrusted to them. It is safe in my Exchange account
  • I pay just for the license to use their platform
  • I select the currencies I want the BOT to trade for me.
  • The BOTs always trade at profit.
  • The BOTs trade for Bitcoin. So I accumulate more Bitcoin
  • If Bitcoin goes up, I gain even more from the trades.
  • Development Team is completely transparent (names, faces, etc are displayed and known)
  • They have an active Facebook support group
  • Creators are very protective of their product and have ensured complete legality
  • You can build your own team and benefit from people they sign up.
  • A great way to accumulate Bitcoin
  • Excellent training to assist in understanding and using the platform



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