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Unless you have been sleeping under a rock or you have completely detached yourself from the crypto space (and I wouldn’t be mad at you if you did), something incredible was launched on July 8, 2018. What? FOMO3D!

What is FOMO 3D?

FOMO3D (Fear Of Missing Out 3D) is a gamified cryptocurrency platform in which the grand prize winner is the last person to purchase a key before the countdown timer runs down to zero.

Put another way, it is both a game and a lottery.

In the game, you buy keys (they are very cheap right now), you hold them, and you earn dividends. The amount of dividends you earn is directly proportional to the number of keys you hold. The more keys, the more you earn. This is daily passive income.

In the lottery, if you purchase the last key when the game timer reaches zero, you get 48% of whatever is in the Active Pot. As of this writing, the Active Pot has over $353,000 in it and growing! This is a gamble. Just like playing the PowerBall. But this lottery is designed to last weeks, months, or years. And, the pot grows and grows.

See the WIKI VideoTutorial section for a more detailed explanation.

Is This Another BitConnect?

No, it is not and this is why? FOMO3D is a Smart Contract. That means it exists as a code on the Ethereum Blockchain. That code is immutable meaning that it cannot be removed or changed. Thus, there are no humans involved with its execution. The code must execute the instructions in it.

For example, if you buy a certain number of FOMO3D keys, you send your Ethereum to the Smart Contract. The Smart Contract must execute the code within it to send you your keys.

Along the same lines, if you decide to reinvest your earnings to withdraw them, the Smart Contract must comply with your order and execute it. It cannot refuse.

In Smart Contracts, the human element is removed.

The only way FOMO3D can go away is if the Ethereum network (Blockchain) goes way and that is not going to happen as it is the second most popular cryptocurrency (second to Bitcoin). Plus, Ethereum as a cryptocurrency has a use case. So it is not a junk coin and it has value. You can see this for yourself at Coin Market Cap.

Potential To Be The Bitcoin of Ethereum

FOMO3D is revolutionary. I would venture to say, historic. It could be just as popular as Bitcoin.

Game Modes

FOMO 3D has two game modes which are different from one another: A Long Game Mode and a Quick Game Mode. The Long Game Mode is currently running and the Quick Game Mode will be launched at a future time. For more detailed information on the game modes, please check out our Wiki and Tutorials page HERE.

Long Game Mode

In The Long Game – which can last for days, weeks, or months – all players will be able to buy keys for the same average key price. It DOES NOT operate with an ICO phase at the beginning of a round. There is a 1 ETH maximum purchase limit per address until 100 ETH is in the contract. The key price is slow and gradual; slightly increasing on each key purchase. Each key purchased ADDS 30 seconds to the round timer. The timer is hard-capped at 86,4000 seconds (24 hours). The first to the last key purchasers will experience very slight variations in the key price.

Short Game Mode

In The Short Game, a round can last for hours or days. It DOES operate with an ICO phase at the beginning of a round. All players will be able to buy keys for the same average price. Key price scaling is gradual but increases faster than the long mode. This keeps the game shorter. Each key purchased RESETS round timer back to 90 seconds. The first players to purchase keys has a noticeable advantage over late key purchasers.

In both game modes, the last player who purchases a key instantly receives 48% of the funds accumulated in the “Active Pot” of a round. For example, if the ETH accumulated in the round is 100 ETH, the last Player to purchase a key wins 48 ETH. Two-percent (2%) of the “Active Pot” is placed in a Community Fund and is used to reward FOMO3D contributors. The rest of the 50% in the Active Pot is distributed out to FOMO3D players, P3D token holders, and a percentage is carried over into the next round.

The amounts/percentages distributed after the winner receives his/her 48% percent of the “Active Pot” and 2% is placed in the community fund – leaving 50% – is determined by the winning team. (See our Wiki & Tutorials page for a breakdown)

Note: The FOMO3D Short Game has not been launched yet. It will be launched at a future time.

Is It Too Late?

No! The FOMO3D Long Game is designed to last for weeks, months, or years. The key-price scaling is slow and gradual meaning that the key price does increase in value fast.

So, if you got in a month or two from now, the keys would still be affordable.

Where Can You Find More Details and Find Video Tutorials?

See our WIKI & Tutorials Page

The game is played in rounds. Players buy keys and the

How To Get Started?

Before you participate in FOMO3D, it is recommended that you read the WIKI and view the video tutorials. That way, you will have a basic understanding of what FOMO3D is all about.

Getting started and earning in FOMO3D is easy. You will basically …

  • Make sure your Metamask wallet is set up and funded with Ethereum so that you can buy FOMO3D keys.

  • Buy your FOMO3D keys.

  • Hold them and earn dividends.

  • Reinvest your earnings to accumulate more keys or withdraw your earnings.

The FOMO3D User Interface Website

If you just want to jump in and buy keys, you can do so at the FOMO3D User Interface Website. (Do not worry about the name, it is a joke and middle finger to all of the scam websites.)

Invest only what you can afford to lose.


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