My Portfolio

Back in the day, I was a pretty good basketball player. What I know about basketball – IMHO – is that one-half of the game is the physical ability and the other half is “psychological.”

With cryptocurrency investing, one-half is conducting thorough research and the rest is a combination of having “a feeling or belief” in or about a coin, and exercising patience and discipline.

Below is my portfolio. I believe in it. I will update it as I see fit. I am of the personal belief that these coins are winners. I also believe that most of the cryptocurrencies on the market are either “junk-coins” or scams, but not these.

(Updated: May 14, 2019)
Core Portfolio  
NameCommentsCurrent Price
BitcoinSet limit order: $5,500
EthereumSet limit order: $170
RippleSet limit order: $0.21
MoneroSet limit order: $100
ZCashSet limit order: $70

Opportunity Portfolio  
0XSet limit order: $0.70
XEMBuy at market prices
ICXBuy at market prices
ZilliqaSet limit order: $0.024
WAXSet limit order: $0.064
Stellar LumensSet limit order: $0.19
DecredSet limit order: $26
OmiseGoSet limit order: $3
EOSSet limit order: $5
ZCoinSet limit order: $6.75