A Concern. But It Is Mine Only.

I believe in Bitcoin. I believe in Ethereum. I believe in Litecoin. I believe in BitConnect. I believe that we are on the verge of an incredible revolution that will change the world. That revolution is cryptocurrency.

I respect cryptocurrency.

I believe that cryptocurrency will impact the world in many positive ways. The people within the many lands of the world that do not have access to banks, but DO have access to a mobile device will become participants in this wonderful new technology. What a game changer!

Yet, I have a concern. On YouTube, I see so many people in some kind of mad-grab frenzy who treat cryptocurrency as a get-rich-quick scheme and present it as such.

While it is true that investing in cryptocurrency can make you rich in short order, it is much much more than that. To me, it is disrespectful and immature of individuals to give cryptocurrency this type of treatment.

It pains me to see individuals showing the houses, cars, Gucci bags they purchased with their new found wealth. Is that the extent of their viewpoint of money and having it? If so, this is a narrowminded viewpoint, in my view.

They present a happy-go-lucky-all-of-your-problems-are-solved carefree lifestyle when that is not the reality. It presents a “having money equates to happiness” viewpoint. Nothing about the development of the person when they make significant amounts of money. Having lots of money will be a new thing for many and sadly they are being led down a path of self-destructing if they are not taught discipline and a healthy respect for money.

Money itself does not make you happy. Some of the most miserable people I know are those who have lots of money. Some of the happiest people I know are those who do not have a lot of it … or none at all!

Do you really think all of these wealthy celebrities we see on TV and magazines are happy? They aren’t. They are some of the most miserable and unhappy and trouble-ridden people on earth. Many of them have some serious issues whether it is with relationships, drugs, sexual abuse and much more. The bling and smiles you see on TV and in magazines are for the camera at that moment of time. It is what you do not see when they retreat into their off-camera worlds is what reveals that having lots of money have them caged up inside.

I think there is a “happy” medium between having lots of money and not having a lot of it. That is the place I think one should want to place himself. That place has a name: Balance.

Those who have lots of money and know how to make more can find themselves in a snare if they are not extremely careful. They must be disciplined enough to know when to stop. They make a million and then that little voice inside says, “Go for two million.” They get two million, and that voice inside says, “Go for three million.” It is at this point where the quest for riches has you, not you, it. You are no longer in control. Having lots of money has duped you. It has lured you in and has become your Lord and Master.

I also find that those who find themselves in this snare are highly competitive and greedy. They are like the old man in the short story of the greedy miser. That story is below.

There once was an old man who sat at his bare table and counted gold coins. He gained so much pleasure from the sight of so much wealth that some nights he couldn’t sleep.

He went to bed scheming of new ways to pile and store his treasure and woke up to talk to his gold coins. He spent spare hours thanking God for the wealth before him. What great fortune! Sometimes the street children outside annoyed him, their insistent door knocking and scrunched faces against the window pane. How inconsiderate! He merely drew his curtains and continued to count.

Is this what one wants to become? Or, does one want to come to the type of person who comes to realize that they have enough. Now, help someone else less fortunate. Help the “Street Children” so-to-speak and stop thanking God because God has nothing to do with one becoming greedy. Strike a balance in your life and show that you have respect for this new currency called cryptocurrency.

Oh, BTW. Stop showing all of the material things you purchased such as Gucci bags and shoes. It looks out of place and shows a disrespectful view of money. Use of money is much more than that.


A retired Information Technology Specialist and Foreign Service Officer with a large U.S. Government Federal Agency, Technical Instructor, Blogger, WordPress Instructor, Web Designer, Internet Marketer and Cryptocurrency Investor and Mentor.

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