Bitcoin 9200


No, Bitcoin 9200 is not a new souped-up speed car. It’s not some upcoming Bitcoin convention because Bitcoin is not a company, it is a cryptocurrency and more importantly, it is a technology. An amazing and incredible technology that is beginning to change the world. I hope you can see it on the horizon.

Bitcoin 9200 is the price of Bitcoin today, November 26, 2017, @ 10 am EST. I am smiling!

Just yesterday, November 25, 2017, at around the same time, Bitcoin was at $8262.47. That’s up to $942.51 in a 24 hour period.

I have stated in previous blog posts that Bitcoin will go over $10000 by end of 2017.

REALITY CHECK: What have I been explaining to all of you about the volatility of the cryptocurrency market? That it is high. What does that mean? That we will see sharp dips and peaks in the prices of cryptocurrencies. Will Bitcoin dip? Of course, it will. But what you have to look at is that it is a wave of dips and peaks that are on an upward trend. So do not worry when you see Bitcoin drop in price. This is normal. It always recovers stronger than before. The proof of this is to simply look at the price of Bitcoin one year ago. It was at around $700. Now – a year later – it is at over $9200. So, what do you think it is going to be a year from now! That should be your mindset. That is a true investors mindset.

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