Bitcoin Dissenters Coming On Board


Large companies who were dead set against Bitcoin are having a change of mind. Money talks and money is power! I have stated in a previous article that these dissenters are all about going where the money is. They can’t help it. It is in their business DNA and it is basic human greed.

On Nov 2, 2017, Bitcoin (BTC) surged past the $7000 mark (up from $4418 exactly a month ago!). Today, November 5, 2017, the price of Bitcoin is $7558.73!

Powerful and big-name doubters of this new cryptocurrency are having a change of heart. The CME Group, the world’s largest exchange owner reversed its position on Bitcoin and announced that it plans to introduce Bitcoin futures by the end of the year. This is only a month after dismissing such a plan. This is big news!

Doubters are slowly but surely becoming believers. But here is the thing …

People like you and me are small fish in world pond of finance. But are we really with cryptocurrency? No, we are not. You see, that is the beauty of Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies. It levels the playing field.

Bitcoin knows and has no boss. It cannot be cornered or conquered. It does not recognize big named corporations! It does not shake or rattle when rich and powerful men throw their money and power its way. Bitcoin doesn’t care. We are all no-name strings of code and digital data to Bitcoin and the Blockchain. We are anonymous.

Whether large corporations like IBM or Apple conduct transactions on the Bitcoin network (Blockchain) or little guys like us, Bitcoin does not care. It does not know the difference and it does not care!

So, what we need to do is get on board with this new and next evolution of currency. It is going to be a thing to behold.

I am excited at seeing where Bitcoin and her children – the Altcoins – will be at one-year from now. I believe it is going to be mind-blowing.

At that time, someone will be saying, “If you had purchased 10 Bitcoins back in November 2017, today (November 2018), you will be worth a half a million (or more) dollars.

Exciting times. Exciting times, indeed.


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