BitConnect Shuts Down Lending

Please watch the video at the end of this article.
UPDATED: January 17, 2018 – BitConnect halted its “lending” operation only. The Exchange and BitConnect Wallet are still functional. Additionally, BitConnect returned to all 1.5 million users their Active Investment into their BCC Wallets.

Today at approximately 4:15 pm I logged into my account and I saw this  …

BitConnect sites three reasons for the shutdown …

  1. Bad press with the Texas and North Carolina Cease and Desist orders
  2. The recent DDoS attacks
  3. Lack of confidence displayed by BitConnect users after the DDoS attack

I think these are poor reasons and I do not fully buy any of them. However, BitConnect deposited into everyone’s BBC Wallets, their investments and what they built up to. This, in my opinion, was a mistake. Why?

Because once the news got out that BitConnect was closing down, the price of BitConnect coins plummeted and the Exchange is not working. BitConnect’s Exchange is not working and I am unable to exchange my BCC into Bitcoin in order to send it off of the BitConnect platform.

BitConnect has given us 5 days to get our BCC off of the platform, and … the Exchange is not working. This is concerning.

The question everyone has now is will we receive what is in our BCC Wallets times the price of BitConnect coin reflected on the BitConnect website which is currently at $235.56 or will we get what is in our BitConnect Wallets times whatever the price of BitConnect is as reflected on the Coin Market Cap Website, which is $40.

This is what I am trying to ascertain.


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