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Read an article today that related when a 007 Jame Bond girl, Ursula Andreas, purchased a brand new 1956 BMW 507. Today, that car is worth over 1 million dollars! Read Article HERE

BMW 507
BMW 507

The article goes to mention that …

“Between 2005 and 2019 alone, the car increased in value by over 800%.”

The article goes on to report that …

The reason behind this surge in value is simple: you can’t go back in time and make more of these cars. There will never be another 1956.

That means these cars will likely keep growing in value as they get more and more rare.

That’s one of the reasons I like collectibles so much. They derive intrinsic value from their scarcity.

Where have we heard that expression called scarcity within cryptocurrency? Bitcoin!

Bitcoin, like gold, like that BMW 507 is scarce. They do not make the BMW 507 anymore! What makes gold so valuable is because it is scarce.

Anyone who is able to get their hands on a BMW 507 today, will have a collectible on their hands because its value will increase with each passing year!

I believe that Bitcoin is a collectible cryptocurrency. Why? Because it is scarce. There are only 21 million of them minted. There will come a time in the future where they will no longer be mined. When that happens they become rare assets. Their value will be nearly unimaginable!

What is the lesson in this? Invest in your future or your retirement NOW buy buying Bitcoin NOW!

If all you can afford is a couple of hundred dollars, buy that much of it now and forget about it as in five to ten years from now, you could be a very wealthy person.

If you are a young person, working, in high school or college, you would be wise to purchase some Bitcoin now and forget about it.

If you are an older person who has children, grandchildren or others you love and care about, you would be exercising farsightedness and wisdom to purchase for them a piece of Bitcoin for the long-term and for their future.

In my opinion, Bitcoin is the best long-term investment one can make right now.

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