Complainers, Disparagers, and Haters Oh My!

I received a reply to an article I wrote Why Most People Don’t Want to See You Succeed. The reply comes from someone who is called a troll in chat-room vernacular. Trolls are also considered “stalkers.” They latch on and they do not let go. Rarely do they move on.

This individual believes that I am a scammer because I create videos on YouTube on various cryptocurrency ventures that I am involved in and I leave a master node or affiliate link below my videos. He/she never mentions anything about the many articles on this on this website that do not have affiliate links in them or the 35 lesson crypto-course I wrote that do not have affiliate links in them and do not appear on YouTube.

He/she believes that I have enriched myself at the expense of others. I am neither rich nor have I made a lot of money from someone clicking on my affiliate links. I do not even have a large YouTube following.

I am I financially independent? Yes. But it is not due to YouTube videos or the articles on this website. I do not work anymore because I am a retired Federal government employee of over 42-years and I have a great pension.

My Daily Encounters With Poor Children In West Africa. They NEVER Saw Themselves on Camera. Look at Those Smiles

I believe this individual suffers from what I have had to deal with most of my professional career “professional jealousy” as he/she has questioned my integrity and accomplishments. It is mind-blogging how individuals purport to know all about you and know you better than yourself! 🙂

My 42-years of combined honorable military and federal government service (Vietnam Era and Gulf War Era Veteran, IT Specialist, Instructional Systems Developer, Foreign Service Officer attached to the State Department) attests to my success and no one can take that from me and neither will I let anyone minimize it. I do not know how to fail. Why go around in life thinking myself a failure? Failing at things does not make one a failure. It makes you better if you do not give up.

Foreign Service Officer In Thailand

I have traveled the world and lived in and worked in some of the most depressed and poorest areas of the planet. I have contributed time and resources to build homeless shelters, creating irrigation systems so villagers and schools can have clean running water, created book drives to donate to schools, donated massive amounts or computer equipment (donated and thrown out computers that I repaired) to schools in those lands. The list is exhaustive, I have a very good reputation within the Federal government to this day and in those lands in the world where I lived and worked. Be cautioned, you might get hurt if you go to some of those lands and disparage my name. 🙂

Donating Books and Writing Materials To School In Thailand.

I taught in those lands and inspired children that “they are somebody” and that they can succeed in life. Twenty-five years later having revisited one of those lands to have a young man approach me saying that he remembered me and the speech I gave about succeeding. He thanked me. He is now an Electronics Engineer.

So there is nothing a troll consumed with negativity can say to me.

Will this individual go away? No. There are too many of them. And, he/she does not have to. They are not happy persons. Perhaps he/she views himself as a failure. I hope not. However, what I do know, is that this individual has a fixation with me because they come here and they read my articles and watch my videos. Thank you!

All he has to do is not come here or unsubscribe. But he keeps coming back. Thank you!

Retired After 42-Years of Government Service. I Guess I am a Failure.

What does that mean? It means that he is not really interested in my content. He is interested in me. Dragging the Red Herring is an age-old tactic to cloak going personal on someone. Unfortunate. These individuals do not move with living their own lives. They are fixated on someone else’s.

I have seen and dealt with this type of attitude/mentality all my life. Not new to me. This mentality is designed to tear individuals down, mislabel them, and place the stench of negativity upon other persons that they do not even know.

They need objects (persons) to be their fuel. I am someone’s object.

This individual does not seem to understand that I am not going to stop what I am doing and love; and,  I am certainly not going to bend to the will of his/her opinion or viewpoint of me. Apparently, this individual does not know me as he thinks he does. 🙂

I love myself and have a positive outlook of myself and would be a fool – not even a man – if I gave permission and allowed someone who I do not even know (to have cultivated a respect for) an invisible person who sits behind a keyboard and listen to them and do and believe as they please.

God and His Christ direct my way. I decide to take that path, too.

There are so many things in this world worthy of our attention. Namely, racial discrimination and economic exclusion to name a few that I fight. There are many helpless and powerless people in the world, too, who deserve our attention and help. They are my cause, too!

I really do not have time for nonsense and complainers who probably live in a house or an apartment, drive a car, and have a job. If you do, consider yourself fortunate.

Perhaps these complainers should get out in the world and see how others live. Perhaps then, they would be humbled and appreciate what they have or could have and turn down the nonsensical and selfish complaining.

I am but a small fish in the larger scheme of things. Creating videos and placing affiliate links below them has not caused abject poverty, hatred, war, and discrimination in the world. I am not the enemy.

You are barking up the wrong tree. You should be bothered at those entities that are responsible. Complain to them. Write them a letter … or two.

This is my website/blog.

Please get over it. I will not sit down.

I know that you are reading this.

I sincerely hope you have a nice and productive day.


A retired Information Technology Specialist and Foreign Service Officer with a large U.S. Government Federal Agency, Technical Instructor, Blogger, WordPress Instructor, Web Designer, Internet Marketer and Cryptocurrency Investor and Mentor.

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