Cryptocurrency and Stress

I have been a student of stress for many years. I have traveled most of the far reaches of the world and I have learned a great deal about stress. It was mostly from my time in Mongolia and Thailand that I learned about this silent killer on a non-traditional level and how to deal with it and even eliminate it.

Stress – The Number One Killer

In our so-called modern world, our environment – especially in the concentrated areas of the city – are breeding grounds for stress. Even in less populated areas, stress can abound because much of the world is connected via the Internet, undersea fiber, and satellite. So, the simple act of surfing the web or watching the News and other TV programming can introduce stress into one’s lives.

If you commute to work each day, it can be a highly stressful experience. Your job may be stressful by nature and dealing co-workers and bosses deliver large doses of stress. But why is stress the number one killer of us?

Because at the chemical level (and without getting too scientific and technical), stress closes up the cells in our organs and they cannot breathe. If cells cannot breathe, they shut down and those organs within our bodies deteriorate. Put another way, if the cells are closed, they will not receive oxygen and without oxygen, our organs become diseased and they shut down. Stress suffocates the entire body. Stress is deadly.

Stress and Crypto

Studies reveal that those who live in stress-enriched environments die prematurely of all and every type of cancer and disease.

When the cells in our organs cannot breathe, tumors and cancers are created. It is the blood that delivers oxygen to every organ in our body and stress stifles that blood delivery.

Ever notice that when someone gets angry they tense up? Their heart beats faster. This is the hearts way of trying to compensate for the lack of the proper levels of oxygen delivered to the organs. Oftentimes, when the stress level is so great, the heart is overworked and it too becomes depleted of the proper oxygen levels and it shuts down. That is, the cells that make up the heart cannot breathe either. Hello! Heart disease!

There are few aspects of our lives where stress does not exist. The world in which we have built up about us is that way. Anything can bring on stress unexpectedly. Anything. Driving in heavy traffic, a gunshot, losing a loved one, an earthquake, divorce, breaking up, a video game, losing, winning, etc. The list is inexhaustive. One of the keys to dealing with stress is in recognizing that what triggers it is all about us. Being unaware of the triggers, leave you wide-open for some serious health problems and even a premature death.

I have friends who pop pills or “get high” to deal with stress. Please understand that those things do not open up the cells so that they can breathe. Those things do not solve the problem. They only fool the brain. That’s all.

Investing is stressful. Investing in cryptocurrency is particularly stressful because it beats at a higher rate than traditional investing. In other words, it has a much higher volatility rate.

So it stands to reason, that the stress levels are higher.

Just visit YouTube and check out videos on cryptocurrency or cryptocurrency-related and look at many of the comments or monitor what goes on in cryptocurrency discussion groups. Many of those individuals are wired and will not live long to enjoy any profits they make.

Many of them are happy one moment and unhappy and distressed in the next. Not normal. They are unbalanced. They are suffering from stress.

How To Deal Stress?

Ideally, being in a tranquil or joyful state of mind – free of stress, worry, doubt, fear, anger, resentment, guilt, and anxiety – is the state to be in throughout the day.

Many people believe that this is not possible to do because of the external environment triggers the stress within us. Not so!

Stress is not caused by external circumstances, it is wrong beliefs (nothing religious) which reside in our subconscious mind that triggers it.

These wrong beliefs cause us to interpret our circumstances as stressful, even when they aren’t.

Consider the following two examples:

Jason (a fictitious person) is given a tremendous amount of work at his job. Jason happens to have destructive beliefs that distort the way he views himself and life. He believes that he is unlovable and not good enough and that he has to be perfect in order to be loved or to please his boss. Jason is not aware he has these beliefs about himself. They reside in his subconscious. Yet, those subconscious beliefs cause him to react to external circumstances that create stress. Jason’s subconscious unhealthy beliefs may cause him to get angry at a driver who cuts in front of him without signaling. Jason’s day is stress-full. He is activated and anything can set him off further. He does not realize that he is impacting his health and killing himself.

Cindy, on the other hand, is given the same amount of work. Her subconscious mind does not have the same destructive beliefs as Jason. Cindy is comfortable in her own skin and loves herself and many around her find her likable and lovable. She knows that she is not perfect and can only give her best to the work assigned to her. Her outlook is not with trying to be perfect to please a boss. Because of Cindy’s healthy subconscious mind, she does not react with anger if a driver cuts in front of her without signaling. Cindy is less likely to contract health problems, age prematurely, and will live a longer and healthier life.

So, the key to properly dealing with stress is not to remove yourself from stressful situations but to neutralize the wrong beliefs that cause you to interpret the situation as stressful in the first place.

Deep-breathing exercises, yoga, Tai-Chi, meditation, etc will help BUT they do not remove the underlying causes of stress. They just alter the way you respond to stress.

To eliminate the stress that shuts down vital organs and the disease in our bodies must be dealt with on a cellular level.

In my next article, I will explain to you – what I feel has been kept from the public and world – that will eliminate and cure most diseases that ail us. A bold statement I know. But it is worth considering if it will save and prolong lives, don’t you think?


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