I Do Not Want To Be Entertained

On YouTube and in many of the discussion groups, I see a lot of questions that go like this: “What do you think about Coin X or Program X?” (Replace Coin X or Program X with any random cryptocurrency or program)

Another question I see is, “Where do you think Coin X or Program X will be a “X” from now? (Replace “X” with a random time interval)

I rarely answer those types of questions; here is why?

My primary goal is to build wealth, not provide entertainment.

The Internet is full of commentary on cryptocurrency. Most of it is garbage and it distracts persons from the reality that cryptocurrency and anything crypto-related is serious business. Why? Because money is involved. Money to be made or money lost. That’s serious business and not a game!

I feel that when YouTubers overload YouTube viewers with entertainment, it is for one reason: To target the emotion. Emotionalism prompts hasty and oftentimes irrational decisions. Such entertainment must be sustained in order to keep the viewer engaged (drugged). Unknown to the viewer is that he/she has reached a state of dependency on the entertainment.

It takes insane amounts of due diligence, patience, sobriety, and discipline if one is to be involved in cryptocurrency. Entertainment and emotionalism are not your friends in this space.

A healthy viewpoint to have is that 90% of every crypto-venture you see in the space is a scam. Seriously. Creators of these scams will say and do anything to “entertain” you in order to engage you and keep you engaged. Please be careful.

Here is an example how emotionalism can cloud good judgment. I entered the “Etherlink”  Telegram and asked a few good questions.

The first question was, “Is Etherlink a smart contract?” I promptly received an answer along with a link to the Etherscan website. The answer was, “Yes, it is. Here is the link to the smart contract.”

I followed the Etherscan link and it took me to the smart contract page except the smart contract was not viewable. In other words, there was no smart contract tab in order to examine the smart contract coding to see if an exit scam has not been written into it. This prompted my second question.

The second question was, “This link does not take me to the smart contract code. I want to examine the solidity code to make sure that an exit scam has not been written into the code. I want to invest but would feel better if I can see the code.”


The last question was, “Isn’t anyone concerned that the smart contract code is not public for scrutiny and examination?”

I was cussed out. Whew! These were people addicted to emotionalism and money that they might never see. They were unconcerned that Etherlink could be a scam.

I asked the same questions on several of the Etherlink Promoter YouTube channels and he responded that it is not a scam and to go ahead and click on his link and take a chance.

Oh no! No chance taking here.

Entertainment Is Deceptive In This Space

I do not want gimmicks, dancing girls, fireworks, or fast-talking salesmen to convince me into a particular program. I often wonder why is that needed?

People are fragile. Especially their emotions. They will love the entertainer if they see gains and everything is going well. Many of those same people will quickly do a 180 and hate the entertainer. Why is that? Because subconsciously a voice is telling them that they were scammed by the entertainment draw!

In this space, people deserve facts, research, and data. That’s all!

Leave the entertainment to Hollywood.

You know what I am going to say next …

Invest only what you can afford to lose.


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