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I remember vividly as a child in February 1962 watching on my family’s black and white television set (with rabbit ear antennas on top), the Mercury-Atlas 6 manned rocket launch where Astronaunt John Glenn would make history as the first U.S. astronaut to orbit the earth. I thought it was the coolest thing.

After that, I wanted to be an astronaut. As a child, I spent hours each day drawing pictures of astronauts in spacesuits; even pictures of myself in one of those spacesuits. I became addicted – in a way – to watching those old pace movies on TV such as “Forbidden Planet” and “The Day The Earth Stood Still.”

Flying and the wonders of outer space fascinated me. I dreamed one day to be an Aviator and/or an Astronaut.

As I grew out of childhood, that crazy dream was still there. I loved watching space movies and science fiction novels. After graduating High School, I entered the United States Air Force in hopes of becoming an Aviator or an Astronaut.

Well, I did not become an Aviator or an Astronaut but I was in a career field that was very satisfying and close to Aviation. I was an Avionics Systems Technician and Instructor. I maintained the Avionics (Communications and Navigations) systems on just about every aircraft in the United States Air Force inventory. I later taught those systems as an Instructor. My dream as a child led me on a path that taught me avionics and electronics. My expertise in electronics landed me a great job with a large U.S. Federal Agency where I transitioned into Information Technology (It Specialist) and later a Foreign Service Officer with the U.S. Government having served in Thailand and Africa.

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So a dream is a small spark that can set ablaze greater things. Never stop dreaming.

What does this have to do with cryptocurrency?

Well, I have not stopped dreaming. I now dream about helping my family and friends who are unwitting participants in a system of debt that keeps them enslaved. And, an educational system that has taught us all that if we go to school and get a degree we can get a good job – that is work for one else – and excel in life. That notion is a false one.

Working for someone else will not make you rich and it certainly will not liberate you to the point where your time is your time. THEY own you. If your job is a 9-5 one, your employer (slave master) owns you for that eight hours each day. (Some jobs – like the one I had – required a 60-hour work week along with weekend stand-by and that did not include the three-hour commute each day – your employer-owned you for more than eight hours each day).

That employer dictated what time you had to be at work and what time you could clock out. That employer dictated when you could take time off for whatever reason (a vacation, etc), how you were evaluated (almost always an unfair and subjective call), and when you got promoted, if ever.

Then there is the crazy office politics and backstabbing, disgruntled employees, and over-demanding supervisors.

You get a paycheck. What do you do with it? You pay bills. Some bills are necessary because you need them to live on. Bills such as rent, a mortgage, utilities, a car payment, food, gasoline for your car, clothing for yourself and your family.

Then we buy and accumulate stuff with the paychecks our employer gives us. Debt soon follows and then the realization is that one cannot easily quit a job because it is needed to pay bills and pay for our stuff.

We become trapped and enslaved. Do not think for one moment that your employer does not know this. They know that you have bills. They know that you need that crappy job or you will be on the street or destitute. They also know that if you have been with them for a while that you have years vested in their retirement system; another reason why you will stay and put up with their nonsense. They own you.

Not only are you enslaved to an employer, you are enslaved to the banks, the financial institutions, and credit card companies to whom you make payments to. They own you, too!

None of those things are liberating, they are enslaving!

Freedom from an employers paycheck and freedom from lending institutions and credit card companies can only be had if you pay YOURSELF: that is, if you earn enough money to pay off all of your debt, own your own home (no mortgage), and own your vehicle(s). And, have enough income each month to take care of the basic needs such as food, gasoline, a healthcare and insurance package for yourself and your family, and to travel and take a vacation anytime you want. You are free! You are on your own clock!

Cryptocurrency investing can liberate you in short order. If done smartly, you can be free in a year or less. How?

  1. Invest in BitConnect.

  2. After about four months, buy and hold Bitcoin and other “cryptos” with a portion of your BitConnect daily earnings.

  3. Continue reinvesting your profits made in BitConnect and along the way continue buying more Bitcoin and some of the other “cryptos” with your daily earnings.

  4. Continue doing this for one year and you are free!

  5. Continue reinvesting beyond one year on the BitConnect platform and continue diversifying your BitConnect profits.

This is a wonderful strategy. Why? Because not only are you making money each day on the BitConnect platform, you are diversifying because you are taking some of your profits to invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, ZCash, and the other good and winning cryptocurrencies.

Do you have a dream?

Then do something about it and make it come true. CLICK HERE or CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW

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