More Spiraling Down In Market


The Crypto Market Cap as of 6 am EST is at $102 Billion.

Bitcoin is sitting at approximately $3000 and will probably drop below that in a few hours.

Two things drive any market:

  1. Fear, and …
  2. Greed

I believe one should become immune to both and not be swayed by either. Stay on course and do not panic.

In my previous posts, I highlighted why this happening:

  1. A Tweet by Charlie Lee that China will ban crypto trading.
  2. A statement by JP Morgan Chief Jami Dimon that Bitcoin is a fraud
  3. China BTCChina not allowing crypto trading after September 30, 2017.

I maintain that the market will recover and I believe this is the best time to buy will the prices of cryptocurrency are down.

Stat tuned!



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