SegWit2x Suspended


The upcoming November 16, 2017,  fork – SegWit2x – which would have upgraded the block size of Bitcoin from 1MB to 2MB has been suspended. This is big news! It is bad news! It is good news!

See official announcement by following the link below.

A glance at the Coin Market Cap website today, November 8, 2017, shows most Altcoins on the increase.

The bad news is that there will be no SegWit2x and so Bitcoin holders will not get any free money to hold to convert to Bitcoin.

The good news is that the Bitcoin still stands alone and supreme and I see it’s value going up because Bitcoin will be more in demand (threat of SegWit2x – another version of Bitcoin removed) and savvy Crypto Investors will buy more Bitcoin. The other good news is that the price of Altcoins will go up, if anything, temporarily.

I also believe that there is be FUD. People will not know what to think or do.

I will reserve further comment until tomorrow and give a better assessment of what is happening in the crypto marketplace.

Stay tuned.


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