Why I Like LISK (LSK)?

I have been sold on LISK (LSK) for quite some time now and have invested significants amounts of money in it to hold for the long-term. Why?

Because LISK (LSK) is a decentralized application platform that is poised to explode in the months and years ahead. LISK (LSK), from its inception, decided to develop and base their platform on one coding language, Javascript. Javascript is a common and well-known coding language and a lot of programmers know this language.

Javascript is a common and well-known coding language and a vast majority of websites are powered by Javascript. Below are a few websites powered by Javascript:

  • PayPal
  • eBay
  • GoDaddy
  • Yahoo!
  • Mozilla
  • LinkedIn
  • NetFlix
  • Uber
  • Groupon

LISK (LSK) is building a platform that is easily accessible not only to general consumers but also to programmers and app developers.

The LISK (LSK) platform is going to be easy-to-use and open to everyone.

Ethereum for example, have all of their DApps running on the same BlockChain. This could present a problem if the BlockChain catches a bug. That means that all of their DApps would have to change.

With LISK (LSK) since Javascript is the only coding language and a DApp is developed on their BlockChain, it will be immune to any bug that might arise and vice-versa.

LISK (LSK) is one of those buy-and-hold coins.

As of today, LISK (LSK) has not released their Software Development Kit (DSK) yet. So right now is a good time to get you some LISK (LSK) coins.

As of today, the price of LISK (LSK) is $5.46. I see the price doubling by the end of the year.


You can read more about the LISK (LSK) vision here.


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