Preparing To Receive Your Payment

Hi everybody. I am not seeing any aggressive movement on BitConnect’s part to restore the value of their BCC or arrange to reimburse everyone whole. (I am not saying that they will not at a later time. They are dragging their feet).

With that said, I am going to move forward and deposit into your GDAX BitCoin Wallets the amounts you had in BitConnect. I will deposit as Bitcoin and then you can convert the Bitcoin to USD and deposit to your bank account.

Below are four short video tutorials.

The first video shows you how to access your GDAX receive code that you need to send to me so that I can deposit BitCoin to your GDAX wallet.

The second video shows you how to convert your Bitcoin in GDAX to USD.

The third video shows you how to transfer your USD to your bank account.

The fourth video shows you how to send whatever BitConnect coins (BCC) you have in your BitConnect wallet directly to me since I am buying them from you.

So watch the three videos and please send me your GDAX deposit code so that I can deposit to your account. Thx.

Video 1 – Accessing Your GDAX “Deposit” Address (You will Send It To Me)

My email Address:

Video 2 – Converting Your BitCoin to USD 


Video 3 – How To Transfer Your USD To Your Bank Account From GDAX?


Video 4 – Transferring BCC Coins To Another BCC Wallet


MY BCC Wallet Address: 8Vb2jqpSf5BuNyLJygECZyHdYCZXKY48VY