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Yesterday, I stumbled upon a relatively new and virtually unknown Ethereum-Mining-and-Passive-Income-Generating opportunity that employs the use of the Ethereum ERC20 Smart Contact protocol.

For those of you who do not know what Ethereum Smart Contacts are, I recommend that you Google it. But for the purpose of this article, it is a protocol that makes it difficult for anyone to steal and run off with your money. The end result is less risk, more uniformity, reduced complexity, and enhanced liquidity of tokens.

That opportunity is called PoWH3D.

What is PoWH3D? It is world’s first staking algorithm for Ethereum!

How do you earn? You earn in several ways …

  • By purchasing PoWH3D coins (called P3D) and holding them. When someone else has weak hands and sells their P3D tokens, you get a personal cut of every weak handed trade. When someone buys into the Proof of Weak Hands Smart Contract and sells back to the contract (get weak hands), there’s a 10% fee. That 10% fee is split out and shared out to all the “strong hands” (those who hold their PD3 tokens) in Ethereum. You can withdraw this cut at any time in ETH from the smart-contract pool.

    This is the passive income component of PoWH3D.

  • When you purchase 5 or more P3D tokens, you automatically qualify as a Node-Master (yes, you are a Master Node) and given your own unique master node-link that you can promote. Anyone who purchases P3D via your master-node link, you get 33% of all fees they would otherwise pay into the contract, directed to you instead as instant Ethereum gains. This is the active income component of PoWH3D.

  • The more P3D tokens you hold, the more you earn.

  • If the price of Ethereum goes up, the more you earn.

  • When more people purchase P3D tokens and enter into the Smart Contract, this naturally drives the price of the P3D token up and you naturally earn more.

I initially purchased about 0.2 ETH and I earned over $7 in dividends in less than 24 hours. I have the option of cashing out my dividends or reinvesting them. PoWH3D IS NOT a lending platform, it is an Etherum mining platform that pays you dividends in Ethereum. As with any mining operation, the more coins you purchase, the more you earn).

Here Is My Review

The Code

The first thing I investigated was to see if anyone else was doing this? No! The second thing I wanted to look at was the code. (I have a 25 year IT background and understand some coding). I looked at the code (which is public and open source) and it is fresh, not copied or some modification of old code. It is brand new! Solid! Original! Very secure!

The Initial Purchase – The Cost To Play Game

With the purchase of 100 P3D tokens, I became a Master Node. (Note: You can purchase as little as 5 tokens in order to qualify as a master node) For those of you who do not know what a Master Node is simply a cryptocurrency full node or computer wallet that keeps the full copy of the blockchain in real-time. As a Master Node, you are one of many Master Nodes on the Blockchain network who participate in conducting transactions, governance and voting, enabling budgeting and a treasury system in cryptocurrency, and increasing the privacy of transactions.

Master Nodes are very useful for crypto investors because of running a Master Node you are incentivized. Consider it just like earning a daily, weekly, or monthly interest on your crypto holdings. In this case, your holdings are P3D tokens.

As a Master Node (or Node Master), you are a big deal!


Proof of Weak Hands 3D


What Is Shilling? Shilling is creating hype around a particular coin to increase its value. In this case P3D coins. If you see anyone “shilling a coin” then you know it’s a hype manufactured for one simple reason: So you invest in that particular coin. This is powerful because if the coin is shilled successfully? If it is hyped up? Then you are going to invest your money in that coin. You are going to be an investor. And perhaps you are going to even promote this coin online or offline.

The Earnings

As I stated above, you earn Ethereum dividends in two ways: (1) Buying and holding P3D tokens and (2) Earning 33% from those who purchase via your Master Node link. (3) Buying more P3D tokens. The more you purchase and hold, the more you earn. (4) When someone gets weak hands and sells their PD3 tokens. I like the option of reinvesting my dividends which build up my P3D count and – in turn – I earn higher dividends. Etherscan is abuzz with activity with the PoWH3D Smart Contract. This is good!

It’s an ERC20 Smart Contract Protocol

PoWH3D is a Smart Contract. It is a self-executing coded contract running on the Ethereim blockchain.

Smart Contracts exist to automatically perform validation steps and encode the conditions of a physical contract. They need to be safe, secure, transparent, and capable of automating administrative activity and eliminating human error.

Smart Contracts make it difficult for bad guys to steal and run off with your money. The end result is less risk, more uniformity, reduced complexity, and enhanced liquidity of tokens.

As a cryptocurrency investor, I hold Ethereum and want more of it because I see it as big as Bitcoin in the near future. Ethereum Smart Contracts is the way crypto-business and transactions should be conducted and the world is waking up to it.

Token Utility

The P3D token is traded. That means it can be listed on the Exchanges. When and if it does, it becomes an asset in itself.

Makes Money in a Down Market

PoWH3D makes you money even in a down market. I can personally attest to that. See my video below shot on 3/18/2018 and the entire crypto space is down. It has been on a downward trend for over two weeks now. (The market cap as of the video is at 286,839,471,197)

Note: On 3/19/2018, PowH3D participation went through the roof and it is still climbing exponentially. The response was so great, that the website crashed. (It is back up now). I am NOT kidding or saying this for the sake of FOMO. This is happening. One should see the excitement and chatter in the PoWH3D discord group HERE.

Why Do I like PowH3D?

  • It is not a lending platform
  • It’s TRANSPARENT !!!
  • It is an Ethereum Smart Contract (See The Code HERE)
  • There are two parties to the contract: You and the Smart Contract Code
  • It’s PUBLIC.
  • NO HUMAN entities are involved whatsoever
  • NO HUMANS handle the funds
  • 3D Tokens are managed entirely on the Smart Contract, not by people
  • Developers DO NOT have access to your private keys or wallets
  • Developers DO NOT have a private key to the Smart Contract. No Private key exists
  • My funds are not tied up for an x-amount of days
  • I can withdraw my earned dividends at any time
  • I can sell my P3D tokens at any time
  • My funds are not stored in anyone’s bank account
  • My funds cannot be confiscated
  • The best way I have found to accumulate Ethereum fast
  • If website crashes, the Smart Contact is running on the Ethereum Block Chain
  • Earnings roll in 24/7/365

How Do You Play This Game?

  • Install MetaMask in your Google Chrome Browser (Just follow my tutorials HERE)

  • Transfer Ethereum to the unique receive address MetaMask provides you. (Just follow my tutorials HERE)

  • Visit the Smart Exchange and “Buy” your P3D tokens. (Don’t get weak-handed!. Hold your P3D and earn)

  • Purchasing a minimum of 5 P3D tokens qualify you as a Masternode

Should You Buy?

I would answer, yes. But only what you can afford to lose.


I like what I see so far. PoWH3D is new, so I always proceed with caution and sobriety. That is why I did not invest a large amount in it. I would rather use house money. That is, use what I earn from the platform.

If I see any signs of impropriety, I will publish it far and wide. (People are tired of being taken for rides that leave them shorted).

The PoWH3D took what was a joke (a literal Ponzi scheme) and created a real product.

It is a great way to earn Ethereum, the next Bitcoin IMHO.

What Is Proof of Weak Hands?
(Watch My Review Video Below)



Does PoWH3D Work? Even In a Down Market?


DISCLAIMER: None of the above is to be taken as financial advice, and I am not a financial advisor. All investments, including PoWH3D, have inherent risk.


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