Arbitraging (ARB) Reviewed 2018


Let’s talk about Arbitraging. What is it?

Trading One Coin/Token For Profit

The concept of Arbitraging where a coin/token is purchased on one exchange at a low price and instantly selling it on another exchange for a higher price to immediately lock in a profit!

Let’s say that you see Bitcoin being traded on Exchange A for $9000. But on Exchange B, Bitcoin is being traded at $9100.

To take advantage of this price difference, you would buy Bitcoin on Exchange A and sell it on Exchange B and rake in a $100 instant profit.

This is Arbitraging.

In the past, investors were doing this manually and it was a tedious process. But then came the Arbitraging platform whose software does this for you in a microsecond of time.

Automated Arbitraging With

Now investors can have software – that runs as an Ethereum Smart Contract – to automate the arbitraging process.

The platform makes it easy to make money arbitraging. In a nutshell, this is how it works …

  • Sign up for a free account
  • Deposit Ethereum into your Arbitraging account.
  • Purchase ARB tokens. You now have several options …
  • (1) Hold the ARB tokens for their value
  • (2) Place them in the aBOT (Automatic BOT) where they are automatically arbitraged. You earn daily.
  • (3) Do both. Hold some ARB and place some in the aBOT
  • (4) Arbitrage in the mBOT (not available yet as of this writing)

I personally like the aBOT. It is set and forget. I earn daily. What you earn daily depends upon what you place in the aBOT. (See my video below where I show you my actual Arbitraging account).


  • You earn dividends daily if you place your ARB tokens in the aBOT
  • You can withdraw your earnings any time.
  • You can reinvest your earnings into the aBOT to compound and earn even more.
  • You can sell your ARB tokens any time.
  • Average 30% monthly ROI
  • Automation
  • No locking period
  • Dynamic and active Development Team
  • Smart Contract Code transparent, public, and audited.
  • Full Transparency. Full names and faces of developers known
  • Frequent updates and video conferences with CEO (David Peterson)


  • $250 aBOT investment minimum. There is no maximum limit.

Would I Recommend?

Yes. Here is why. is a solid platform that has presented itself in all full transparency. In other words, one knows the real first and last name of the CEO and founder (David Peterson) and can see his face as he frequently provides video conferences and updates and does interviews.

Arbitraging is not a copy or clone of another platform. It is a Smart Contract. This means that it runs on the Ethereum Blockchain and free from human intervention and tampering.

Arbitraging is new and ambitious. There is nothing like it. The release of the mBOT (not to be confused with the aBOT) will be revolutionary as it will not only boost the value of the ARB token but also will allow you to manually trade on the various cryptocurrency exchanges from within the ARB platform. You simply set the amount of ARB tokens you want to trade and set a time limit for the arbitraging trades. When the time sequence is complete you can (1) Withdraw your profits, (2) reinvest them, (3) have them automatically sent to your aBOT, and/or have them automatically sent to the ARB Exchange where you can cash out and have your profits automatically sent to your ETH wallet (such as Metamask or MEW).

Arbitraging is by far the best and easiest platform to use and the easiest “no-worry” profit-making platform I have been involved with.

See my actual ARB account and back office below.

Start Earning Today

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  1. I have invested in this project since ICO times and am pleasantly surprised.
    First, value of the investment has grown several times (despite the overall fall
    of other crypto-currencies).
    The guys are following their road map very good – created their ARB currency,
    listed on exchanges,
    started auto and manual arbitrage trading
    and you could easily add to your investment (via ETH) or withdraw it
    (even you don’t have ARB tokens).

    I deposited and withdrawn several times – all working perfectly well,
    now invested more and switched to aBot (auto-bot) – gives 0.7% daily –
    not much, but stable and don’t need to do anything and worry about anything.

    I could submit payment proofs – not sure, how to do this.

    • I have been there also from ICO but now, aince xMas 2018 the project is a nightmare of changes that restrict the users: cannot get out without loosing big; cannot sell because very little new buyers are coming in; platform is down without notice all the time and ; need to pay $50/month to get money out and the worst is very little payouts daily with 25%fees on Eth sales… it show the platform is in trouble.

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