Family Tokens

Bitcoin, Zilliqa, and Family Tokens

I have – and so have many of you – come a long way. Cryptocurrency has been quite a ride, I must admit.

I have trimmed my portfolio down to two cryptocurrencies and I automatically pump money into each of them biweekly. These are Bitcoin and Zilliqa. That’s it.

Every now and on a blue moon I will engage in some crypto margin trading but to be quite honest with you, it can be time-consuming, stressful, and very risky … because the market place is so highly volatile, unpredictable, manipulated, and I believe the trading platforms are highly “botted.”

I believe Bitcoin is a great long-term investment. I believe everyone should own some Bitcoin. Whatever, their circumstances allow for.

As far as Zilliqa is concerned, I also believe it is a solid long-term project that has weathered the bear and bull markets. Zilliqa solves major problems in cryptocurrency with regards scalability of the blockchain, slow speed of transactions, and high cost of transactions. I have a good feeling about Zilliqa.

While I have not supported smart contracts in quite some time because many of them have proven to be “pumps and dumps” (there are a few exceptions), I have decided to support a smart contract called Family Only Tokens (FOT). The man behind it is someone who I know as a trusted YouTuber, ENJGold. I trust him more than I do code.

Family Tokens is a verified smart contract, meaning that it has been tested and wrought through the wringer with regards to bugs and back doors. It is a solid and honest smart contract.

The smart contract is easy to get into. Just visit the Family Tokens website and click on the “About” link to learn how.

Enter the Family Only Tokens Smart Contact HERE


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