The Benefits of Trading BOTs

 Lesson 25 – The Benefits of Trading BOTs

In this lesson, you will learn about Trading BOTs and how they automatically trade (buy and sell) cryptocurrency for you. You also learn where and how to get started on a trading BOT.

Trading BOTs are complicated algorithms that run on computers/servers that are linked to your Exchange accounts (Binance, Bittrex, etc) via what are called Application Program Interfaces (APIs) and they trade for you 24/7/365.

Trading BOTs only trade when you can make a profit. What do Trading BOTs trade? They trade Altcoins YOU select for Bitcoin.

The Trading BOT platform I use also allows me not only to add more Bitcoin to the existing Bitcoin in my portfolio but also to accumulate more of the Altcoins I like with no intervention.

I love them!

I set and forget my Trading BOTs.

To learn more about the Trading BOT Platform I use, CLICK HERE.

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