Transferring Bitcoin To An Exchange

 Lesson 16 – Transferring Bitcoin To An Exchange

In Lesson 9, you learned how to set up your Coinbase wallet and fund it with Bitcoin. In Lesson 11, you created accounts on the Bittrex Exchange and the Binance Exchange. Also, in Lesson 14, I had you set up a GDAX account as an alternative to using Coinbase. (At the time of this lesson’s creation, Coinbase’s transfer fees to the cryptocurrency Exchanges are quite high. Transferring from within GDAX is cheaper).

In this lesson, you will learn how to transfer the Bitcoin out of your Coinbase account and move it to the Bittrex Exchange. Why? Because once you have Bitcoin on the Bittrex Exchange, you can purchase one of the many Altcoins listed on it. Remember, almost all of the other coins are purchased with Bitcoin. (Almost. Some coins can be purchased with Ethereum or Litecoin but not all)

(The same holds true for the Binance Exchange or any Crypto-Exchange where Altcoins are traded.

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