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UPDATE @ 2:30 PM EST, January 15, 2018

BitConnect has reported from its Twitter page that the website is under control from the DDoS attack. I am assuming that the attack is still in progress it is just that they have protections in place “at the front door” to make the website functional. Should be able to login in now and reinvest if you choose to do so.

BitConnect also states it will take another 24 hours to sync up the BitConnect Exchange function. Therefore, it will not be possible withdraw or deposit into BitConnect until then.

The following is my opinion only: DDoS attacks take time. So prepare yourself if the site goes back down again.

Below is from the BitConnect Twitter page.

UPDATE @ 1:30 PM EST, January 15, 2018

A quick update to all concerned. BitConnect is still working the issue. It appears that they are making changes on the frontend of their web servers. Right now, we all just need to be patient. I will update you all when there are new developments. As I stated earlier, another lending platform was also hit with a DDoS attack. They recovered rather quickly because they are new.

Rest assured that BitConnect is not abandoning us. They just launched their BitConnectX ICO (which is doing very well) and they are updating us via Twitter. They would have much to lose if they dropped the ball and ran away.

I should mention that you are still receiving your interest payments and your “Lending Wallets” are accumulating.

UPDATE @ 02:20 AM EST, January 15, 2018

BitConnect @ Twitter reports that the DDoS is under control They also state that they have enabled the website but we will not be able to log in at the moment. Apparently, they are implementing additional security measures on the frontend to repel future DDoS attacks. So, great progress is being made.

If I were able, I would buy the BitConnect IT Team lunch. I know how tough DDoS attacks are to combat.

From the BitConnect Twitter website.

UPDATE @ 12:05 PM EST, January 14, 2018

BitConnect is still dealing with the DDoS attack. The website is up and down. It is encouraging that they are keeping us updated via their Twitter page. (I am hearing rumors of other websites – not cryptocurrency related – are under DDoS attack. So this could be a much bigger attack than just BitConnect. These are unconfirmed reports and I am looking into them).

UPDATE @ 0:300 AM EST, January 14, 2018

Very limited services have been restored to the BitConnect website. I was able to login in at about 0300 AM EST to do a reinvest. Then the website went back down at approximately 0335 AM EST. See latest BitConnect Twitter Update.

Until the DDoS is controlled and stabilized, there will be periods when the website is up and then down.

While they are still under a Distributed Denial of Sevice (DDoS) attack, they appear to be making progress in blocking some of the sources of the attacks. Understand that a DDoS attack comes from many external sources and can come from anywhere in the world, so it takes more time to locate and block those external sources.

I have worked in the IT field for over 20 years for the government and I know how difficult it is to squelch DDoS attacks. I cannot tell you the number of overtime hours expended and days sleeping in my office just to get a few hours of sleep to awaken to continue combatting such attacks. “Keep the coffee coming.” I can only imagine what the BitConnect IT Team is going through right now.

Why would someone do this? I believe because they fear BitConnects success and great potential of succeeding even more. It is doing so well. These sources could be from “haters” who have been hyping that BitConnect is a scam and desire so badly to see it fail. So, they embark on a “self-fulfilling prophecy” measure to make it fail so they can say, “I told you so.” They have egg on their faces right now. They are embarrassed. Do not think for one moment that they are not the forces behind initiating the cease and desist orders in Texas and North Carolina.

There are individuals and organizations higher up in the food-chain who also want to see BitConnect and cryptocurrency fail. It would not surprise me at all that they would use their resources to impact BitConnects existence.

BitConnect is changing lives and this is what those who control money and access to it and making it fear. If they can no longer control money and access to it and making it, they cannot control YOU. YOU are empowered. You now are in control of your own financial destiny.  They cannot sit by idly and allow the release of the many THEY depend on to enrich THEM. Banks and corporations need us. We are their slaves. We make them money. In return we get crumbs.

BitConnect is changing that. So, of course, they do all they can to shut down this “digital underground railroad” that is ushering many into financial freedom.

Here is the latest from BitConnects Twitter page.

UPDATE @ 1:25 PM EST, January 13, 2018

BitConnect is still undergoing a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) issues. This has nothing to do with the temporary Cease and Desist orders in Texas and North Carolina. (BitConnect has sent legal teams to those two States to resolve those issues).

Please understand that a DDoS is NOT a hack into anyone’s BitConnect accounts. A DDoS is as the name implies, it is a denial of service. What is the service? Computer web servers. Because of the fake traffic overwhelming the pipe (Internet bandwidth) to which the servers are connected, it is not possible to access the servers. They are effectively offline or unreachable.

A good analogy to explain it is your cable service going down. The cable company is still there and so is your account. You simply cannot access the Internet or your cable TV services because your cable service is offline. When it comes back up, everything is back to normal. Including your cable bill.

When BitConnect restores services, your daily interest payments will still be working. You will not lose anything.

According to the BitConnect Twitter webpage, this can take up to 24 hours. I assure you that as an IT Specialist, DoS attacks take time to resolve. That BitConnect is communicating with us is a good of their transparency and that they are not going anywhere.

They have more to lose than you and I, especially with their latest BitConnectX ICO rollout.

I know it may be difficult for some, but give them time to deal with the DoS attack. Do not panic.


To keep updated, just go to the BitConnect Twitter page.

I wanted to let all who are in BitConnect know that the website is down. According to the BitConnect Twitter website,  its servers suffered an outside DoS attack and they are working on the issue.

What is a DoS (Denial of Service) attack? In a nutshell, it is when “the bad guys” (hackers) send fake traffic (robot/computer generated codes) to websites to overwhelm them and prevent them from functioning. The BitConnect web servers can handle only so many requests (access to the website). When servers are overwhelmed like this, they shut down and stop working.

Can DoS be corrected? Absolutely! As an IT specialist, who has experience with this, I can assure you that they can be resolved. It takes a little time to locate the source of the fake traffic, block it, and patch up holes to lessen the chance of it happening again. Then the servers can breathe and function.

DoS attacks cannot be prevented, they can be dealt with by patching them up.  Even large government agencies have been temporarily taken down because of DoS attacks. The bad guys always find other ways to slow down a website or “turn them off.”

This is from the BitConnect Twitter website.


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