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Greetings and welcome to DigitCoinz. My name is R. Jerome Harris and the “face and the force” behind Digitcoinz.com. I discovered the world of Cryptocurrency in August of 2016 and haven’t looked back since. And, I am doing reasonably well in it.

Since August of 2016, had embarked on mission to learn everything could about it. Everything. I read many books on subject, listened to giants in “Crypto” world who – like me – are believers at next evolution of money is beginning to catch fire and cannot be stopped.

Sadly, many people have never heard of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. I seek to change that for us “down-to-earth” people, the hard-working wage earner (even minimum wage earner), single moms, or anyone who have been shut out from participating in the traditional stock market where millionaires are made every day.

Let me make something clear: Cryptocurrency investing is NOT trading stocks. Trading stocks in the traditional stock Exchanges involve middlemen known as stockbrokers who get paid each time that place a stock order for you. With cryptocurrency, there are no stockbrokers, no fees.  You simply purchase the digital currency that has value – Bitcoin for example – and you hold it and watch it increase in value.

FACT: If you had purchased one unit of Bitcoin one year ago on November 19, 2016, you would have paid $749. If you were disciplined and patient enough to hold your investment for one year, your Bitcoin would be worth $7809 today, November 19, 2018! (See chart below. From the Coin Market Cap website)

I forecast Bitcoin to soar past the $10000 mark by the end of the year and possibly reach as high as $60000 – $100000 per unit by the end of 2018. Why? Because lots of big money from large corporations and hedge fund managers are sitting on the sidelines waiting to jump on board by mid-December 2017! And, when they do, the price of Bitcoin (and some of the other lower-priced coins) will go through the roof!

Never ever feel that you not have enough money to buy cryptocurrency. You do! That is beauty of cryptocurrency investing, the Blockchain doesn’t care who you are or how much money you make. You are a faceless and nameless entity to it. You exist only as a piece of code. As an incredibly complex piece of data. That levels the playing field. Even for someone who never owned a bank account!

My learning process in cryptocurrency is never-ending because “the Blockchain” technology is ever-changing. So, I am still a student, but an advanced one.

I am 100% convinced of the reality that “Digital Currency” is the wave of the future and will change – one hopes, forever – the way we as individuals, businesses, and even governments conduct financial transactions all over the world.

Non-digital currency (Fiat) and the central authority (banks) that hold them will resist and take a “war-like” posture against this new “digital currency.” But the momentum is too strong to stop it. We witnessed the strength and resilience of the “Mighty Blockchain” on the first week of September 2017 when China banned Initial Coin Offerings (ICO’s) and Exchanges.

What is my legitimacy in this space? I am an Information Technology Specialist (Networks) by Profession, an Instructional Systems Developer, Electronics/Digital Technical Instructor, WordPress Expert, and Web Designer, and Vlogger.

Understanding finance or investing in the stock market are not prerequisites to learning about and investing in cryptocurrency. No, this is an entirely different entity. While there are some similarities, the major differences between them are enough to set them apart from the other. I believe it does cryptocurrency a disservice to compare it to investing in the stock market.

That cryptocurrency (and Bitcoin) are so new, many people have never heard of it. In fact, many degreed and highly educated individuals do not know what it is and cannot explain how it works. College courses and college professors do not teach you cryptocurrency because they do not know what it is and can not explain it. They have to ask somebody.

So what does that mean for the average hard-working individual? This: That the playing field is level. You can participate in it. Like you, many others have to learn about cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin as well.

You see, the cryptocurrency and mighty Blockchain technology doesn’t care how much money you make; what neighborhood you come from; what country you come from; it does not care about your race or nationality or the color of your skin or what language you speak; it does not care if you are a Prince or Pauper; it does not respect or know any national borders. It does not care what your name is; it does not care how old you are; it does not care about your gender or sexual orientation; it does not care about your credit rating. It doesn’t ask you to fill out forms so as to be rated and approved to participate in it. In cryptocurrency, you exist as a piece of elaborate and highly complicated data. All the Blockchain needs to know about you is encrypted and contained in that string of data. It is truly remarkable and it is mind-boggling that a person or a group of people came up with it (an alias by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto).

Cryptocurrency transactions are peer-to-peer (P2P), meaning that there are no middlemen – such as banks – who pay themselves when they handle your transactions. Cryptocurrency transactions are between two entities (people, businesses, countries, etc). Cryptocurrency transactions are secure, anonymous, verified, and fast.

FACT: Did you know that out of the 7.6 billion people in the world, only 1 billion have access to banks, checking, and ATM services? The other 6.6 billion have never experienced what it is like to have a bank account! Cryptocurrency will change that. As long as they have a mobile phone and/or Internet access, they too can participate in making financial transactions through the Blockchain. Bitcoin – and indeed all cryptocurrency – transactions do not rely on banks. They are totally independent of them.

Is Cryptocurrency real money? Yes, it is! Think: What is money anyway? Money is anything that people form a consensus and agreement about that is to have value. It can be a goat! a cow! a rock (gold)! Paper money! Many people in the world have christened Bitcoin, for example, as something of value. That is why it’s price is going up.

Can cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc) be converted into U.S. Dollars, Euros, The British Pound, etc)? Yes, very easily. I do it all the time. With a few clicks of a mouse, any holdings of my cryptocurrency can be converted to U.S. dollars and sent to my bank account.

How much money can you make by investing in cryptocurrency? You wouldn’t believe me if I told you. What I can tell you here (online) that you could be financially independent in less than a year if you are disciplined and patient.

I devote 2-3 hour each day studying the movement of the cryptocurrency marketplace and maintaining this website. It doesn’t feel like work, especially when I see my “Crypto” portfolio smile at me.

A USAF Veteran and Retired U.S Federal Employee

My career as a U.S. Federal employee and USAF Veteran (totaled) spans more than 42 years. (42 years, 2 months, 8 hours, and 47 seconds to be exact). I retired from the Federal government on June 24, 2017. That day was full of mixed emotions. I was sad because I had forged many meaningful relationships and left many friends and co-workers behind whose faces I would probably not see again in person; perhaps on a Facebook page.

But that day was a happy and bright day as I walked out of the front door of the agency in which I gave more than 22 years to because I knew that I gave it the best I had. They knew that too as the many awards attests to that. But it was time to turn another chapter in my life and I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I wasn’t one of those “who-could-retire-but-uncertain-and-afraid-to-do-so” types of employee. I wasn’t going to sit in a rocking chair or at some park feeding pigeons. I wasn’t afraid, but eager. I was more than ready to move on.

I crunched the numbers. I had effectively 42 years and two months (22 years and two months within Federal government plus 20 years in United States Air Force); this equated to pension more than enough to support me and my lifestyle in my retirement. It was my time now.

I am free now. Completely in charge of me, my time, my talents, and my life are mine keep to myself or to distribute to the many others I would like to help that wonderful place in right now.

The independence that believe is not just financial independence from “the corporation,” but mental freedom.

You must place yourself in a position to become independent of the powers that have placed obstacles – and even fences – about you preventing you from escaping to that place of financial and mental independence. Even to that place of freedom of thought and freedom of believing; believing in yourselves and the potential of others.

Anyone who knows me knows that serious-minded and the cautious sort and not easily swayed by anything. I don’t play – and I believe in making my hard-earned money smartly work for me.

I love to travel abroad (and considering relocating overseas to live) and experience more the variety within human family and it cultures. I enjoy hiking, biking, and backpacking.

Retirement is wonderful!!!

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