ExpressVPN Review 2020

VPN servers are seeded all over the world. Once you have an ExpressVPN account, you can connect to the Internet through any of those servers. Once connected, it looks like you are in a particular country.

Since you use a VPN to connect to the Internet – and it is private – you will find your Internet connection/experience faster.

With a VPN you can …

  • Watch movies and TV from any of your devices
  • Access blocked websites
  • Keep your Internet traffic private

Best Ways To Use a VPN

Here are the best uses of a VPN …

  • Stay private. Prevent your ISP from seeing your traffic. (encrypted tunnel)
  • Defeat censorship
  • Save money (Get cheaper airline tickets. Avoid price discrimination)
  • Encrypt everything
  • Extend your coverage. (Can use a VPN on all devices with one account)

I Use ExpressVPN

I use ExpressVPN 24/7. I never use the Internet without it turned on. I see no degradation of Internet speed or performance.

I run ExpressVPN as an extension on Google Chrome (it also works with FireFox) and I have it installed on my iPad Pro 9.7. (It can be installed on most mobile devices.). One ExpressVPN account covers all of my devices. I even have it installed on my Amazon Firestick.

I give ExpressVPN two thumbs up.

Personally, I believe connecting to the Internet is unwise without the use of a VPN.

Warning: Stay away from free VPN services.

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